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Kenton Ridge 2014 Marching Band Competition Winner

Columbus Italian Festival 2014 Parade Grand Marshal: 

Dom Tiberi


  Dom Tiberi and Family

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Columbus Italian Parade

& High School Marching Band Competition

Saturday, October 11th, 2014 * 11:00 a.m.

 The Columbus Italian Parade is a celebration of all things Columbus and Italian and Italian Columbus.  The Parade has been moved to Saturday morning this year following the first Annual Maria’s Miles Run/Walk.

Not only will there be Competing High School Marching Bands, you’ll see Italian Dancers, Santa Maria Replicas, Classic & New Cars, and other entries featuring Columbus and Italian History & Culture.  It’s a parade even Christopher wouldn’t miss!

Starting at 11:00 a.m., the parade will march its way through the Short North Arts District and Italian Village.  The Columbus Italian Parade ends at the Columbus Italian Festival’s big top tent where High School Marching Bands will make their final competition performance.

Below is information about the parade, such as where to watch it and how to be in it.

Parade – Information:

High School Marching Bands will continue into the festival to the Big Tent.  (All other entries will disband at Fourth & Warren.)

High School Marching Bands will perform once again at the Columbus Italian Festival’s main tent to determine the Best in Show!  One High School Marching Band will be awarded a Columbus Italian Parade Championship Trophy.

Parade – Line-Up:

  • Bands begin Line-up at 9:30 a.m.
  • Automobiles begin Line-up at 10:00 a.m.
  • Walkers begin Line-up at 10:00 a.m.


  • Please do not throw items (such as candy) from the parade. You may “hand deliver” items to spectators along the parade route. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE!
  • All vehicles must be driving by an insured licensed driver.


All entries must submit a registration form. (Please click link above)


Politicians, Political Parties and/or Political Issues groups must pre-pay $100 Registration Fee.  Payment must be made prior to the parade.  Please make checks payable to Columbus Piave Club and mail to Parade Registration Address below.

Parade Registration address:

Deb Roberts
Columbus Italian Parade Coordinator
581 Reinhard Avenue
Columbus, OH  43206-2854

Or Email:



Saturday, OCTOBER 11th, 2014


STARTS:  Dennison Avenue/Buttles Avenue Intersection

ENDS:  Fourth Street/Warren Intersection

LENGTH OF PARADE:  Approximately One Mile


 PARADE ROUTE: Beginning at the corner of Buttles & Dennison Aves; heads East on Buttles Avenue to High Street, North on High Street to Warren Avenue, to East on Warren Avenue to Fourth Street or into the Festival for marching bands.

PARADE PERFORMANCE:  PARADE STOPS – BE PREPARED FOR STOPPING.  Only the High School Marching Bands and the San Giovanni Dancers will have a 2-3 minute stop for a performance on High Street (between Buttles & Warren).  During this time, please remain in parade position.  Even if you have passed this spot, you may still have a wait time.

BAND DIRECTIONS:  There will be a volunteer stopping the bands at the corner of High Street and Warren.  Once all of your band has taken the Buttles Ave/High St. turn, and is fully positioned on High Street, we would like for the band to perform a very short song, something under 3 minutes.  Should you have the band turn to perform towards the side walk.  Facing East or West, you should have a good audience; probably facing west would be best.  Once that short performance is complete, you will be instructed to turn onto Warren Ave from High Street, thus, heading into the Columbus Italian Festival entrance.  There will be yet more volunteers there directing the band around the “wonder bread” building to behind the stage for line up for your “under the big tent” performance.  You may repeat the song, or perform a new number.

 NEED FROM BAND DIRECTORS FOR THE BIG TENT:  Need Song/Music title, Band Director and Drum Major’s name.

RULES:  Do NOT throw candy from your vehicle.  You may hand candy or fliers directly to people.  ALL vehicle drivers must be licensed and insured.


 TOILET:  A port-a-john reserved just for parade line-up, will be positioned near beginning of line-up.  Try to stay clear of the one in the middle of park if you can.  There are also port-a-johns behind the Big Tent.
WATER:  Bring your own water.
VEHICLE ENTERS:   At Neil Avenue — head East onto Poplar Street (Next To the B.P. Gas Station). WALKERS:  May come in from Buttles/Dennison Avenues.
BAND DROP-OFF:  Students and equipment may be dropped off at the corner of Buttles and Dennison.  ALL Bands take a place in the grass area of Goodale Park.  You will be called into formation as the parade starts to move.
IF YOU ARE FOLLOWING BAND:  You will be told at parade line-up if you will be following a band.  If you are, two things.  1) The band will come in from the park, please give them plenty of space to form in.  2) Stay back!  Those instruments and flags swing and if you get hit it will hurt.
EXIT:  Walkers will be directed to go North on Hamlet.  Stand aside for the rest of the parade to finish.  Cars will be directed out onto Fourth Street.  Do not stop on Warren and Hamlet to dismantle car banners – the parade will still be coming in behind you.
PARKING AFTER THE PARADE:  In Jeffrey Place (Across 4th St. from Warren), there will be paid parking available for $7 for the general public.  However Parade vehicles will be permitted to park at the Jeffrey Place lot for free with an approved pass.   Parking passes will be distributed at the time of parade staging and are valid on Saturday only.
ENTRANCE INTO THE FESTIVAL:  Of course, everyone is encouraged to go to the Big Tent to watch the High School Marching Band Competition.  The Competition will not begin until all of the bands are there together.



Phone for more information:  (614) 228-1868  -  The parade chairman, John Contino, can be reached at 614-214-8473.

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